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  Bowling Excellence Meritorious Service


1980 Bernie Kossek 1980 S.I. "Si" Hewitt"
Bill Koehler Glen Roshon
Everett Finley Floyd "Red" Smith
Tony Lococo Irv Plock
George Smith Ren Settel
1984 Jim Dill Sr. 1984 Mark Hegg
Max Jensen Raleigh Michener
Marvin Summa Bob Turner
1985 Rodger Florom 1985 Roy Farmer
1986 Jack E. McKinney 1986 Charles Beachamp
Bill Davidson Geo A. Johnson
1987 Ster Helvey 1987 Harold Hoage
Bill Straub 1988 Harry Ebaugh
1988 Bill Hoppe 1989 Raleigh Bell
1989 Mel Brydl Gary Cerny
Bob Fillaus 1990 Earl J. Madsen
1990 Ray Koziol 1991 Donald Sundberg
1991 Neil Early 1992 Tom Patak
Robert Gant 1993 Robert W. Davis
1992 N.C. "Buck" Duer 1994 Robert W. Scott
Gary Mills 1995 Harry Pappas
1993 Mike White 1996 Kevin Dunkle
John Madsen Duane Vanderbeek
1994 Bruce Steenson 1997 Ron Lehms
Monte Steenson Lee Schlegel
1995 Wally Barnett 1998 Jim Dill Sr.
1996 Stan Dority 2000 Bob Moyer
1997 Hugh Hembree 2001 Ronald Miller
1998 Denny Philips 2004 Marlin R. Kelley
1999 Jim Dill Jr. 2005 Terry Keck
Earl Kaup
Gerry Kesler
2000 Jim Ehlers
Rollie Strasheim
2001 John Esquivel
    Harlan Honstedt    
Paul Portsche
  2002 Dave Callies    
    Leslie Earl Macoy    
    Joe Peterson    
2003 Kevin McGerr
2005 Marv Buysman
Bob Dill
2006 Bobbie Dorn
2007 Steve Jackson
Mark Porter
2008 Terry Morlok
Darrell Gross
2009 Paul Greenwalt
John Losito
Randy Wilson
2010 Rod Machacek
Rick Miller
Frank Schmall III
2012 Eric Jensen
2013 Jay Albert


Merit Sponsor Awards

1985 Coca-Cola Bottling Company
1986 Condon Auto Electric Inc.
1987 K & Z Distributing
1988 Forest Furnace
1989 D & D Distributing
1990 "N" Street Drive-In
1991 Mid-Continent Bottlers
1992 Cushman, Inc.
1993 Little Debbie
1994 Max's Conoco
1995 Beatrice Freight Line
1996 Woodmen Accident & Life Co.
1997 Aliant Communications
1998 Appliance Doctor
1999 Stan's Pro Shop
2000 Animal rolex uk Care Clinic
2001 Leach Camper Sales
2001 Novartis replica watches uk
2003 Weird Wallys
2004 John's Girls
2005 Lakeview Carpet
2006 John Cejka
2013 Brady Basements


  • Excellence in Bowling in City, State, National Tournaments, or league play.

  • Membership in the Lincoln Bowling Association for ten years or more.

  • Make uk replica watches a significant or unusual contribution to the game of bowling.

  • At last 40 years of age.

  • Nominations for 2013 are due by October 15th, 2013.  

    Contact us admin@lincolnbowling.com if you would like to nominate
    someone for the LINCOLN BOWLER'S HALL OF FAME or pick
    up a nomination form at one of the bowling centers.


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